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Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (605) 313-5169, access code 651025 

Moderator:  ruth.k.tillman and Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Irene Taylor

Community Notes:


  • Attendees
    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana)
    • Anna Oates (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
    • Jen Young (Northwestern University)
    • Ruth Tillman (PSU)
    • Ryan Johnson (UC San Diego)
    • Irene Taylor (Washington University in St. Louis)
    • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon)
  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection WG
      • Ryan Wick can’t be on call today; Samvera Community Vocabulary manager--working with Steering to try and get a Community Vocabulary Manager started for predicates and URI has been asked to put together for approval a list for Hyrax--ongoing. Samvera Steering this Friday to discuss putting on git and share with them the code and see what happens. Getting started will be relatively easy, but ramping up to host predicates and vocabulary terms will need to happen. Julie Allison has been working with them to try and clear up existing confusion and get started. If successful, the URI Working Group will continue and take suggestions for terms from community and make them available for us through this Vocab Manager.
    • Geo Predicates WG
      • Nothing to report.
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification (M3) WG
      • They recently had meeting--trying to form up specification and figuring out how to take stuff moving forward. There are regular meetings that are happening up again. Trying to figure out if specification putting together that can be made useful in Hyrax and next step is to get developers involved and exploring.
  • Issues/Questions
    • None
  • Roadmap Council update jen young
    • Sent out survey to Samvera Community 2-3 weeks ago and got results back. Asked about features that people want as well as any time commitment or developer commitments that they could likely support in 6 month timeframe. 18 responses to survey. Steve Van Tuyl sent out email that he’s stepping down as product owner of Hyrax, so now looking for new product owner. Steve will stay on as resource and help person transition. More 50% time commitment than stated 20%. Recruitment ongoing.
    • If interested in being product owner, get in touch with Steve.
  • Topics 
    • Hyrax Metadata Application Profile - when to update (current metadata-related tickets)
      • Metadata Interest Group put together last spring/summer and went through Hyrax as was last year and reviewed fields in place and recorded properties and requirements. As doing so, realized that there were issues that needed to be addressed and some of those became tickets that were reported. Issues are all now set for Hyrax 3 and all of them have been addressed except 1--the remapping license but likely will be closed by the time Hyrax 3 is released.
        • When should we try updating/reviewing the application profile? Currently stable release of Hyrax is 2.x--so 3 not released yet.
          • Updates likely not to take too much extra work--metadata tagged just like releases, so hope is that it would be a one-month (approx.) meeting.
        • For release of 3, is there a potential to do another review, or just update existing issues?
          • One of goals for review was to bring things up to a certain point--for others, ok to let grow organically. Issues and updates don’t have to be tied together.
        • One 3 is released, there will be another call for community based review. If anything else comes out of that group, we can create issues but otherwise might be pretty stable for application profile--for 3 at least.
    • Controlled vocabulary options in Hyrax - next steps/more consideration
      • This was brought up at previous meeting. Controlled vocab options in Hyrax is an idea that’s been contemplated--specifically for subject & keyword fields, but potentially for others. At the moment no controlled vocab--if location is putting it in place they can do it with Question Authority Gem, but thinking if we should consider making recommendations for controlled vocabularies to be set/offered by default with those subject & keyword fields. And if so, should it be beyond LCSH--should we be considering vocabs from historically marginalized communities and just offer those as options by default.
        • Also issues related to Linked Data. Setting up something behind Hyrax for linked data may require additional work.
      • Any interest in looking into this more?
        • Jen--a good idea or maybe have a list of vocabularies that we might want to recommend--so not necessarily built in, but more guide. Metadata Registry might have something similar.
          • If not in linked data, maybe also offer ways to incorporate into Hyrax.
        • If we get a vocabulary manager, could it be incorporated?
          • Linked data is still issue.
        • If commitment also needs to be sustainable.
    • Call for proposals (presentations and panels) for Samvera Connect 2019 - deadline August 4
      • Julie is contemplating whether there’s a presentation here for Connect.  Did virtual talk in April, but would be open to proposing something for a talk/presentation.  But also, if you have an interest in presenting beyond SMIG, then please do so!
    • Nurax Demo available -
      • 17 minute recording of working through Nurax. Can go to site and try things out (hosted by Data Curation). Hyrax 2.4.1 release is on recording and 2.5 is out now so teensy bit behind current Hyrax release but still pretty good demonstration of what Hyrax is doing right now.
        • There was a bit of conversation after that’s not part of recording but Julie can’t recall specific questions.
    • Next meeting--July 23rd at 3pm EST.
      • Julie will try to check on Hyrax 3 timeline and provide an update