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Latest work from Hyrax WGTom
  • reorganize around 3.0 release.  Julie Allinson joined for a few sprints.  Fritz Freiheit joined on latest sprint.  Notch8 has contributed with pre-release testing.  Kelly Chess and Shauna from Notch 8 helping with testing.
  • Pre-release testing process will move forward, 3.0 release coming.  
  • Pressing items:
    • security issue - close that fast

Metadata UpdateJulie

Metadata IG - meeting this month, with 3.0 release, some issues reported before metadata application profile issues are getting  addressed.  Metadata modeling WG interested in getting devs to test the specs.  Continuing to work into summer on this - taking a tad longer.  

As in VC - getting controlled vocab options together and maybe in Hyrax?  How do we do that?  what dev work would need to happen.  Talk about that.

Ryan Wick - Oregon Digital looking at Vocabulary Manager.  SVT will touch base with Wick on this.  

Julie asking vendors for spec quotes on vocab managers - for Steering.  May or may not help.  some way to work things that way to get a vocab manager going.

TOM -UCSD and UCSB nearing end on first workcycle on an Authority System.  May be a lot of overlapping work.  Heads up - stuff flying around.  Primary target audience a multi-campus UC installation.  

Lynette - also wants in on that convo and Questioning Authority comparison.  

Roadmap Council Update

RC met last week after Partners Meeting - 

Implication of resourcing and direction of Hyrax resourcing discussion.

On next call - focus on ideas around contributions and get more 1-off occurrences back into the fold.  Amnesty day/ pair with a core contributor, etc....  

Notch8 for Avalon work - PersonaDavid

Resourcing HWG June-DecemberSVT

Hyrax W is coming to end of 6 month window.  Re-up WG for June -December.  Partners made aware of this resourcing need.  

SVT has not heard anything from partners on this.  Make-up is:  5-6 people of mixed experience, 50% for 6 months.  

Tom:  Would be amazing if that provisioning included a UI/ UX background.  Accessibility.  

    - did get a testing coordinator (Notch8) disruption in that this round was big and is why 3.0 is coming late because of delay in staffing.

Notch 8 will contribute on testing.

Eventually IU can contribute a dev with UI/UX - maybe not 50% of Dananji.  Maria will reach out later to see how that can be done.

Succession Planning for PO/TLTom/ SVT
  • is it useful to have a PO role for Hyrax?
    •  do people outside of SIGAHR/ Hyrax have much say if they aren't participating  
  • What would we do to onboard a PO for Hyrax?  What is the process so it's a community decision.
    • time to dedicate/ some mysterious level of comfort about that person being in that role. 
    • consensus appointment process from SIGAHR? - 
    • Make sure SIGAHR doesn't feel like an insular group?
    • We develop A process - if people want to participate, they have to join SIGAHR
    • Announce process in advance/ job description?  - 
    • Time this person should be able to commit.  20% isn't enough time - what are we asking person and/ or institution to give to the role.