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  1. Additions to the agenda

  2. Annual fundraising call 
    1. Status check
      DuraSpace sent out renewal notices last Friday to all current 'sponsors' across all their projects - also Samvera.  Methodology is that if they hear nothing an invoice follows for the same amount as last year; if they do hear the invoice is modified.  Very dense emails and the Samvera message may be a bit buried - in any case, we want to reach beyond that group.  RG to check that the DuraSpace email went to all past Samvera contributors.
    2. Jon's follow up email
      Approved with minor modifications.  JD to send out today to our lists.

  3. Connect Sponsorship
    1. Final check on benefits table
      Approved with minor re-ordering and the addition of numbers to limited sponsorships. (WashU has since (5/8) confirmed that there is nothing on the list they can't deliver.)
    2. Strategy for acquiring sponsors (subject to final agreement from WashU)
      RG to prepare a table based on the list of possible sponsors in our interim report.  RS will produce a draft text to go which can go, customized as appropriate, to organizations who will know about Samvera.  A second text will later be developed for those who won't.  Members of the WG can 'sign up' to contact various organizations on the list.  All to be ready to go by next call.

  4. Follow-ups on Danielle Robinson discussion re. funders
    1. Status check
      Josh Greenberg at the Sloan Foundation will be our first try for grant funding.  HF will ask if Tom Cramer can make personal contact on our behalf in the first instance.  (5/8 - Yes, he will but he suggests "that we prepare a written description of Samvera’s challenges, ideas, goals, interests, and/or questions — something for Tom to forward to Josh, something that entices Josh to invite a meeting with Samvera leaders."  RG and JD to start a draft document?)

  5. Any other business

  6. Next callscall
    1. Tuesday 28 May