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Standing item:  Anything for/from Steering.   Steering update on fundraising for positions


Facilitator: For May 10 meeting, the facilitator will be Ryan Steans; Note Taker: Glen Horton

Visioning exercise for partners meeting – meeting – This is really about understanding where we are currently and where we are going to.   Review of format of the exercise structure. There will be some framing questions that we will talk about in pairs and small groups. 

Review of the partner meeting agenda – meeting agenda – Meeting will start at 9am , coffee Eastern US time.  Coffee begins at 8:30am.

Virtual Connect Update – Sending out instructions to presenters and trying to get folks slotted.  Testing hours happening, finding other times for those that can't do the time identified.

Steering: Fundraising Call – annual fundraising call Asked for people to take a look at items that do not have discussion leaders attached.  THere may be a few more items to add to the agenda - coming from Jon Dunn.

Virtual Connect Update –

  • Things are going pretty well, at this point we are reaching out to presenters.  Email to list servs to have people get registered
  • Instructions are going out to presenters and getting everyone slotted
  • Testing hours scattered across 4 days.  There will be additional times to accommodate those who need it (England for example )
  • Please distribute reminders to your teams

Updates from Steering - Fundraising Call.  The annual fundraising email will be going out later this month, and there will be an option to make a larger one-time seed contribution and/or multi-year commitment to help jump-start hiring of staff staff.  Just to be clear, no hiring process will be started until funding is in place. 

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