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Need to contextualize the $200K ask for the full position.  If 30 institutions give $7000 each, we will meet our goals.   

Current version is for institutions who pay into both Fedora and Samvera.  Need a second, longer version for the 'Samvera only' people.

Want to send longer version to Partner and Community list after the DuraSpace appeal has gone out.

Richard to liaise with Val at DuraSpace

Connect Sponsorship

Report draft sent to WG - edits made

Accept changes - send out to WG, please make final review by EOB 5th April - Monday 8th it will go to the Partner list for comment.

Audience is Partners.  If no major changes - send to 2019 Connect committee

Going to have Richard clean-up, Karen will use points for Virtual Connect, after next meeting we'll send to Partners

Follow Up on Sloan - defer to next meeting


Mention the target, status is of call going out from DuraSpace

Extend charge through 30th of June. - Jon

EBSCO - silence (Richard).  No word.  RG to follow up 'gently'.

Interim Report for Partner Meeting - beyond Connect sponsorship report

Adding to Connect Sponsorship Report - needs an intro setting out the charter, etc.. 

Richard will begin pulling together a document with a plan to have a draft together for the next call.  

Should we find a different time ?for next call.  No.

April 30th call - during Partner Meeting - Cancel call


How do we sustain through hiring - 

CMWG2 is likely to require a payment from Partners which can then be discounted up to 50% in acknowledgement of 'in-kind' contributions.

Using JISC and JSTOR categories for classifications - 

Most membership falls into "very large" - can't take off more than half for discount based on contribution of work

wanted to run contribution amount to partners, then understand what the discount would beneed to run this past the April Partner meeting.  Touches on the work of CMWG2, Fundraising WG and Community Framework discussions.  Might need to order the agenda to make it all work.

Need to clearly articulate the advantages of being a Partner

probably looking at final deliverable model will occur in Fall at partners.