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5 minRoll call and housekeepingRosalyn
  • Roll call
  • Review action items from last meeting
45 25 min

Review of the updated draft model and the contribution costs per institution

  • What is our target number?
    • 1 FTE
    • Operating expenses
    • Buffer
    What are the concerns for your reaction to this model?
  • ItDo we need to know everyone's not flexible enough and doesn't take into consideration how we operate. Something like the Carnegie Classification or JSTOR Classification would be better
  • How can we address these concerns?
    • Remove FTE and include JSTOR classification
    • Expand the budget to have more bands
    • We discussed providing a discount, perhaps through reporting contributions. Folks could report if they want/need to.
  • Are we ok with a separate model for vendors?Yes, but we'll cross that bridge later.JSTOR category and total library expenditures before approving?
20 minReview draft of institutional contribution formAll
  • What is your reaction to this model?
  • How would we calculate discount?
5 minNext stepsRosalyn
  • Review action items
  • Identify agenda for next meetingDo we need another meeting?

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