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  1. Changes to agenda

  2. Review of current state of play
    1. Proposed survey
      Status check:  (
      Richard's thoughts from email July 5th:
      1. In the last section, headed “Estimated Monetary Contribution Allowance”, I think we are in danger of sending the wrong message – that we are seriously considering charging for Partnership.  I’d like to suggest the introductory paragraph be reworded along the lines of:

        Samvera is considering a contribution model for Partners that would be made up of an “in-kind” contribution and an optional cash contribution from those who are in a position to do so.  The cash contributions would be used for supporting a Community Manager for Samvera, a Technical Coordinator for Samvera, and other expenses such as supporting Samvera Connect, Marketing, etc.  We are interested to understand the range of cash contributions we might reasonably ask for and the questions below are designed to give us a feel for this. The information will remain confidential and will be used to gain a general understanding of the possible cash contribution levels for Samvera, if any.

      2. In the same section we need to be very clear if we are asking about the library (in universities) or the organization as a whole.  These look like library figures to me?  Institutions would go into the billions of dollars…

      3. Same section again: “FTE support” might better read “in-kind support”?

      4. I worry about the length of the survey putting people off (though I think it’s all useful stuff).  I think we maybe need to work hard to “sell” the value of the survey to Partners before we send it out.

    2. Research into other organizations' models
      Status check

  3. Next steps
    1. Survey - how to finalize and distribute - timetable?
      Richard to tweak wording in line with his comments
      Ryan to check over and then share with Carolyn Caizzi as a test for length of time to complete
      Richard to provide draft of accompanying email
      Ryan to send out by the end of the week with a two-week deadline
    2. Draft recommendations scaffolding document - arrangements for review and approval
      Richard to add in section about why Samvera needs money - be more explicit purposes for which it will be used (get words from Robon Ruggaber's fund-raising letter)

  4. Any other business

  5. Date of next meeting
    1. 30 July 2018 11:00am Eastern (probably to be cancelled pending survey returns)
      13 August 2018 11:00am Eastern