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Discussion items

2.1 Update - release
  • Standard release - announce to Google Groups
  • Devs will stumble across it - bundle update will update to that
  • Go to Ruby Gems so they'll see it there.
  Metadata Update  

Batch Work
Look again next month.- Does this work with HyKu?


Targeted Refactoring for 2.1.1

Need the PO and Tech Lead - so we'll punt to July.

Refactoring falls into a few camps -

  • Performance improvements around indexing -
  • Cleanup of participants organization - recorded in permission tempates or ACLs in Fedora. Ideally one place to check that. Should be ACLs. Refactor to get depositor info int ACL.
  • Drying up of code in Collection Views.
  • Start on Refactoring Admin sets in collections to use leightweightf actories but not all tests were modfied. Need to update tests
  • Works could also benefit from a lightweiht refactoring.
  • Make new Edit Collection UI look like Work UI.

SOme weigh in by responsible parties on priorities. Search of open issues in Hyrax - 21 marked as Refactoring issues. See if there's another cateogry that should be considered.

After Tech calls on Wednesdays - groom the PR's - down to 14.


Proposal for branching approach to Hyrax - trunk based development - drawing up a doc to see what a branch approach would look like in Hyrax. Discussion under Release Issues in Slack. Get some feedback (david.schober said he'd look).

Should keep up with LaRita's work on permissions - etc... get her to give us an update in July.

Slack Channel for Hyrax Super Group - figure out how to organize

AndyMigration Gem - Bridge to Hyku - make Hyrax compatible with HyKu over the long-term. Victoria broke. Looking to see if there's any staff toward HyKu.

Action items

  •  rsteans - follow up on all sub-groups - Tag up with Core Team Working Group
  •   rsteans - follow up with LaRita
  •  rsteans - follow up with Nick and COurtney as to who is working on HyKu to keep it up with Hyrax. -