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Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  ruth.k.tillman and Juliet Hardesty


Community Notes:


  • Attendees

    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

    • Ruth Tillman (Penn State)

    • Jen Young (Northwestern University)

    • Anna Goslen (UNC)

    • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)

    • Sarah Imholt (Oregon State University)

    • John Huck (University of Alberta)

    • Chuck Schoppet (USDA National Agricultural Library)

    • Dawn Childress (UCLA)

  • Subgroup Reports

    • URI Selection WG

      • Nothing to update. Current work to select a system. Considering starting to publish on Github to get things working and see if there’s interest to go beyond that for supporting new terms.

      • No other terms submitted recently (2 have been submitted from community so far)

    • MODS to RDF WG

      • MODS to RDF Mapping Recommendations (Draft for review and comment):


      • Julie: Draft is ready for review. Hot off the presses.

      • Request for feedback: by leaving comments in doc; by feedback form; by gmail address

      • After community feedback, the plan is to share it with the wider community(ies) beyond Samvera. Hopefully after the next meeting in June.

    • Hyrax Metadata Ordering WG

      • Julie: group has been meeting; working on a report; close to having something to share with product owners; the result is likely to be options to consider (weighted), but not necessarily a clear cut recommendations.

    • Geo Predicates WG

      • Meeting next week; sent request for geospatial interest group leader but no response yet; considering next steps for group; geo predicates wg still moving forward, possibly needing new home

  • Issues/Questions

  • Topics

  • Upcoming demo
      • Next meeting on May 24.

      • Spreadsheet collecting issues.

      • June 13th, 2 pm EDT will be the next after that

      • Next step will be to take Google Doc and format the documentation into standard Samvera format.

    • Upcoming demos

      • Jen Young (Northwestern) has been working on implementation of Hyrax. Demo to show how URIs from Fedora are preserved. Scheduling this possibly for June 26th meeting

      • Interest in a walkthrough of Nurax (from DCE) is a possibility for later in the summer.

      • Something on autocompletion?

      • Batch editing

      • Questioning Authority gem - applying to other fields

  • Next meeting - June 26 (3:00 pm EDT)