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  • Re-cap any UI/UX related issues in Hyrax.
  • Open platform for discussing any UI/UX related issues currently being worked on.



Update on Accessibility 360 issue tracking
  • Update on Accessibility 360 issue mapping to Hyrax issues.
  • For past few weeks, Harsh and Michael have been reviewing report, creating a spreadsheet, and mapping everything reported to new or existing GitHub issues.
  • Goal: clean up / identify which issues actually still apply.
  • Next steps: take reports / findings to Steve.
  • Blockers have already been addressed, so remaining issues will be worked on as possible.
  • Might use this as an organizing document / roadmap for accessibility.
  • Maybe UXIG / repo-managers could do something similar with UX issue labels? Need to check in on status of those labels.

Update on Collections nested forms to AJAX work
  • Will shed some light on a recent pattern for removing nested forms.
  • Want to identify/eliminate nested forms throughout Hyrax - this is illegal in HTML. Competing form scopes lead to erratic behavior.
  • Style guides, best practices, pattern library might help head this off. Would reduce proliferation of anti-patterns.
  • Adam has been eliminating Rails form submission in favor of asynchronous Java / AJAX (locally).

Update on next round DURT testing / timing / team compositionnik.dragovic
  • General update on next round of DURT testing.

Style Guide examples:

  • Oregon Digital's Style Guide planning utilizing Huge
  • Northwestern's Global Marketing Style Guide
  • Overview on an institutional style guide examples.
  • Oregon Digital is upgrading this year. Thinking much about accessibility, want to make sure they maintain conformity. UXIG is potentially the "owner" of accessibility for Samvera.
  • Dave is working on three style guides at once. Doing some research into reducing them.
  • Huge, Inc. hosts free resources for creating style guides"

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Action items

  •  nik.dragovic - Follow up on cleanup / normalization of UX tickets in GitHub