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StartWhy are we having this IG?SVT

Intros - Your name, university, role - Samvera involvment in one sentenceRJS
  Current Status of the Roadmap SVT 

Areas where we need help (ex: bulk stuff, valkyrie, analytics round 2, accessibility)SVT
Towards the EndMeeting Times and Interest Group GuidelinesRJSSamvera IG/WG FrameworkInterest Group/Working Group Framework#InterestGroups

Action items

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Clear to a lot of people that it's a lot of work to tech lead and product own a roadmap as everyone's local needs hit up against community needs.  Steve is 20% PO and Mike is 20% as technical lead.  A good opportunity to call on the community to bolster this work.  We can do a better job of PO'ing and TL'ing in a way that makes sense.