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Thursday, November 9, 3:10-4:30pm Central, Grand Parlour - B, Orrington Hotel


Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty


  • Julie Hardesty

  • Ruth Tillman

  • Linda Ballinger

  • Chrissy Rissmeyer

  • Ryan Johnson

  • Jen Young

  • Tom Johnson

  • James Griffin III

Community Notes:



  • SMIG Scope and Objectives updated

    • No objections or suggestions

  • Working Group/Subgroup Reports for year

  • Valkyrie & Metadata Presentation

    • James R. Griffin III (Princeton)


    • Hyrax 3

    • Valkyrie is a gem from Data Mapper WG (based on software design pattern, the Data Mapper Pattern)

    • Backends supported with Valkyrie - Fedora 4, PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, Disk

      • Separates Persistence from discovery backends

      • Princeton using Postgres

      • Hyrax 3, Princeton University Library, and Penn State Libraries using Valkyrie

      • Hyrax 3 using Fedora for storage but Valkyrie will be there

      • Valkyrie doesn’t care about structure of resource in repository (no collection, fileset, work, etc concepts); resources can also be a term in a vocabulary; more like RDF classes

      • Resources have properties but these properties are not in RDF

      • Decorators and presenters also part of this (didn’t quite understand)

    • Valkyrie properties are loosely typed and has no opinion regarding RDF

    • Figgy (Princeton)

      • 40,000 works already ingested - moving quickly

      • Resources can be exposed as JSON, showing JSON-LD with namespaces declared and prefixes used to identify predicates for fields; JSON serialization can be used outside of Figgy within Princeton environment overall

      • IIIF manifests can also be generated (JSON serialization for this as well)

    • Hyrax 3

    • Questions

      • Why is work going through Solr?

        • May be mostly due to performance concerns

        • This is a Solr sidecar approach (another way to think about it)

        • Adam Wead’s Solr discovery about turning off auto-suggest seems to have helped (possibly fixed) the Fedora 4 performance problems that have been seen on ingest

      • Princeton off of Hyrax for forseeable future but interested in helping out where possible; would like to see more developers participating that way

  • Issues/Questions

    • Would be great to work towards version schemas; make our software better able to handle changes to metadata schemas; naming schemas separate from software releases

  • Topics/Plan for next year

    • Documenting MAPs

      • Documentation Project on wiki - assembling things together here but would like this to be more intentional; share in Hyrax Developer Knowledge Base?

      • Also DLF AIG MAP Clearinghouse Project? Have to upload to this so would require maintaining in multiple places if we use both Hyrax Dev KB and this

        • Versioning available here, agnostic, reaches beyond our community

      • Versioned metadata profiles that can come out with each software release, versioning that way as well is a possibility; can possibly ask DCE to contract for this work

      • UCSD/UCSB working on something now - want more than just another spreadsheet; want to produce something that can be used; store in GitHub so versioning that way

        • Developers recommending ways to format that MAP so it’s not something metadata folks create and give to developers to do something with, more immediately usable

    • Meeting frequency

      • Re-poll group for scheduling monthly meeting

    • Demo suggestions

      • Penn State MAP generation

      • MODS and RDF recommendations

      • Lynette to demo QA again

      • Documentation project - demo from Tom at DCE?

    • Topic suggestions

      • What is confusing to you or was confusing when you started with the Samvera Community?

        • How is Samvera using RDF?

        • Skolomization - using blank nodes (in Fedora 4)