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Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Irene Taylor

Community Notes:

  • Attendees
  • Subgroup Reports
  • Issues/Questions
  • Topics
    • SMIG Scope & Objectives
      • Have gotten some suggestions, edits.  Issue with developing/charging Working Groups is not spelled out--wouldn’t hurt to explicitly state that SMIG can/will.

      • Sunsetting issue--originally said if no meeting for 6 months, but may need to amend/change.

        • John--metadata will always be relevant/prevalent, so can’t see it not continuing.  Perhaps reviewing goals/meeting times on annual/regular basis would perhaps be appropriate and useful.  6 month clause is more for outsiders--to see if group is still viable or not.

        • Julie--SMIG is not designed to have specific working goals, but more a way to bring interested people together.  If changed to reviewing purpose every 6 months, or 18 months, that may be too onerous.  Julie likes idea of checking in around Samvera Connect, but also thinks keeping the 6 month of no meeting condition in scope/objective.

        • Alex--agrees with John

        • Julie will send out ONE MORE TIME for feedback and then update wiki depending on current and possible future feedback.

    • GitHub questions
      • Proposal to change mapping of required metadata property:keyword -
        • Jen proposed this.  When doing local mapping for repo, Hyrax had mapped keywords to DC relations, which is incorrect.  Investigated but could only find keywords.  Proposed in github after talking with Mike Giarlo.  Uncertain what next step is--possibly Samvera Tech call, but Jen isn’t sure how developer side works and how to get on agenda, etc.

        • Migration task may need to be created which will complicate matters.

        • This will HAVE to be done at Northwestern.

        • Likely talking to Mike Giarlo again is best way to move this forward.  Julie can also bring it up with him.

        • Similar-ish scope ticket:  (this requires changing object values instead of predicates)
      • work.is_part_of metadata attribute usage in forms conflicts with AdminSet behavior -
        • Julie noted this.  Using DC terms to connect object to admin set and trying to find something else to use than DC terms. Object to admin set is getting in way of doing object to object connection.

        • DCE realized this & brought it up.

        • Alex-going to use local predicate and then farm it out later (maybe?)

          • On Tufts radar and will stay on top of it in relation to their work on mapping.

        • John--perhaps creating/adding more sub-predicates/properties may be an option, but has only glanced at ticket.

        • Julie--may be good to share with Lynette as they’re currently working on Collection set/extension.

          • Comment on ticket and tag Lynette to get conversation going?

      • Collections: Modify model to include Collection Type and settings method -
        • This is closed; what was decided after discussions and went with schema additional types instead of RDF type because RDF type can’t be changed whereas schema additional type does allow for modification in Hyrax.
    • Samvera Connect metadata sessions
      • SMIG will hopefully have in-person meeting (separate from what’s being suggested).

      • Ruth & Julie are also suggesting an active meeting of sorts to work on metadata documentation--perhaps 2 hour session.  Discussed with Documentation Working Group, but may follow framework of their documenting how to document for developers, but also want to go beyond that and collection existing documentation.  

      • Variety of other suggested talks that involve metadata.

      • They are still accepting suggestions, so if you have one, please do so soon.

  • Informing from other IG/WG
    • Newspapers IG
    • UX IG
    • Repository Management IG
    • Analytics WG
    • Data Mapper WG--is connected to Valkyrie sprint; connect to something besides Fedora (Julie thinks)

      • James confirms it is more architecturally focused, but welcomes any and all participants.  There will be discussions in near future about RDF metadata

    • Applied Linked Data IG
    • Documentation WG
    • Collections Extensions WG
    • ContentDM Migrations WG
    • Plugins WG
    • Geo Predicates WG
      • John--had our first meeting, have a wiki; next meeting is Monday 8/28.

      • RDF vocab gem being discussed; would appreciate any advice, comments, etc.

  • Demos
    • Samvera Models (DogBiscuits) demo - Monday, August 28 at 11am Eastern
      • Julie will be showing Julie Allisons’ gem; short demo (30 minutes likely); will be recorded and send out info about it.
  • Next SMIG meeting:

    • September - 4th Tuesday (9/26) 3pm EST