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  1. Samvera Connect updates - Karen Estlund
    1. Program Committee has been formed
    2. Need program suggestions
    3. Scholarships
      1. Last year, four scholarships were offered, funded by budget surplus (registration fees)
      2. Scholarship covered registration and lodging – not travel
        1. Rooms were able to be provided because the hotel block had some extra rooms that could be offered to scholars
      3. Host committee cannot take on scholarships this year
      4. Would we like to continue offering scholarships?
        1. Consensus of Partners on call: emphatic yes!
      5. Action items:
        1. Carolyn Caizzi to follow-up with folks at Northwestern to find out about hotel block and possibility of free rooms + wiggle room in registration
          1. If rooms not possible, a scholarship committee will investigate funding options for a limited number (i.e. 2-4) and registration and/or lodging to be covered
        2. kestlund to follow-up with Carolyn pending conversation above and send out invitation to form scholarship committee
      6. Suggestion for future: include an individual donation to scholarship fund in registration form (e.g., DLF)
  2. Group working on "Defining roles, responsibilities, and decision-making frameworks" - update from Mike Giarlo
    1. Group has been held up a bit because of travel (OR2017) and vacation. They have set up a follow-up meeting in the next week or so with the goal of catching up and defining one or more model ideas. 

    2. Looking at - How do we get from current state to proposing new models of Samvera governance models to have in front of the partners for Samvera Connect. 

      1. We need to nail down some details, lots of agreement broadly on what needs to happen. Aiming to gain that in front of partners as soon as possible. On Hydra Slack, #mar17partners is #governance-models is where lots of this discussion is happening on Slack, pop on there if you are interested in following that.
    3. New update for next month and will continue to report at each meeting. 
  3. Valkyrie update - Trey and/or Esme
    1. Valkyrie started as an experiment to see if we could create an air gap between our front-ends and new back-end options. The experiment began because the current stack would need to be tweaked from top to bottom to accommodate this, and because Princeton has been experiencing performance problems with our stack.
    2. The Data Mapper Working Group (DMWG) was formed to bring the community in on the experiment, and their goal is to produce an MVP application using the patterns implemented in Valkyrie. The scope of the application is to be able to upload files, create collections, manage files, create derivatives, characterize files, view "my" files, etc. – basically, the "core" functionality of a Hyrax application.
    3. Question about MVP scope
      1. Why should the MVP scope include fixity, bag import/export, and versioning?
      2. See above about "core" functionality of Hyrax. Hyrax does not provide specific fixity features, other than surfacing the result of objects' last fixity check. If you choose a backend that doesn't natively support fixity checks, e.g., PostgreSQL, it's not Valkyrie's job to invent this functionality.
      3. Same answer for bag import/export.
      4. As for versioning, Hyrax does provide the ability to upload new versions of uploaded files, and restore old versions. This has been added as an issue to Valkyrie repo. If the scope can be defined, it will be implemented in the MVP (
    4. DMWG has its first sprint this week. 9 people on it. Went very well.
    5. DMWG sunsetting in advance of Samvera Connect
  4. For next month's Samvera Partner call, Aug 11 Margaret Mellinger will take notes, and Rick Johnson will facilitate.