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Media Repository Solution


Avalon Media System


Project website: 

Origin: Collaborative project between Indiana University Libraries and Northwestern University Library.

Contact for more information:

Community and product direction:

Avalon has been funded in part by multiple grants from IMLS and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, led by project leads Indiana University Libraries and Northwestern University Library. Avalon is the basis for Indiana’s Media Collections Online and Northwestern’s A+V Repository and has a growing number of implementers and contributors at other institutions. See the Avalon Release Road Map for information on upcoming features.

Distinctive features:

End-user functionality

  • Faceted discovery for search and browse

  • Video and audio playback in browsers or on mobile devices

  • Stream-level security

  • Ability to embed media player in other websites

  • Persistent URLs

  • RTMP and HTTP streaming, Flash and HTML5-based player

Collection management

  • Interactive or batch uploading of media files

  • MODS metadata schema

  • Private collection dropboxes

  • A hierarchical model for permissions that supports a flexible approach to batch collections-based content management

  • Customized thumbnails by taking a “snapshot” or specifying a timepoint

  • Direct import of previously transcoded derivatives

  • Avalon transcoding for multiple quality derivatives

  • Let staff select multiple items and publish, unpublish, delete, set access permissions, assign to collection

Integration with other enterprise systems

  • Red5 and Adobe media servers

  • Local authentication services (CAS, LDAP and others, using OmniAuth)

  • Learning management systems, via the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard

  • Support for LDAP group access control

  • Support for persistent URL systems (PURL, Handle)

  • Master files: leave, delete, or rename/move after transcoding


  • Easy installation and configuration via a virtual machine image and other methods

  • Fully-transparent integration testing using every commit and pull request triggers a build

  • Configuration approach for easier customization where possible

  • Latest versions of Hydra, Blacklight, Bootstrap