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Note: This work led to the implementation of Hyra Works, Hydra PCDM, and eventually the Hyrax solution bundle. For the finished data model, see Hydra Works Data Model.

Hydra::Works is a flexible, extensible domain model that is intended to underlie a wide array of Hydra repository applications in order to facilitate collaboration across projects.  Hydra::Works emerged from a discussion at Hydra Connect 2 in a session about the various community solutions to institutional repository-like applications – such as Sufia, Worthwhile, Curate, and Hydrus, and including some non-IR-like apps like Avalon – during which we learned that there was broad interest in an IR-like solution bundle that combined the best features available in these applications (see notes from that session).


An application profile will also be created as a human readable schema to be used as a data dictionary.

See gist:


See here for the work in progress: Hydra::Works


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