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Community Notes:

Moderator(s): Annamarie Klose

Notetaker: Emma Beck






  • Annamarie and Emma will be around for the next year as facilitators!

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update

    OAI Documentation Working Group Update

    • Show draft documentation to SMIG for feedbackLots of interest in sharing how we are using Bulkrax. Should do something! Working on promoting it outside of Samvera labs

    • Waiting on the Dev congress to finalize anything

  • Recent discussion about nested metadata on Samvera Metadata Slack - Margaret Kibi

    • Qualifications on metadata properties, example is from the creator 

    • Most people just use MODS terms

    • Margaret has used hierarchy in the dates, Fedora 

    • Nested notes were also used

    • Valkyrie supports nested metadata better (though the migration is of course challenging), very easy to define the data and give it a type

    • Challenges - Hyrax doesn’t have capabilities for nested metadata in the user side 

    • Build on M3 spec 

    • Will be doing something at Samvera connect!

  • Planning Accessibility roundtable for February 2024

    • If interested in presenting, please let Annamarie and Emma know

    • Julie might have something to talk about at IU - looking at automating accessibility. Will get a report of things that need to be addressed

    • Repository Managers were discussing accessibility yesterday. Alt-text in iiif viewer. More of a iiif issue, but could be good to touch base and see where that is

    • If anyone else has presentation ideas, or has something they would like to learn about, please share your hopes 

  • OAI Documentation Working Group Update

    • Show draft documentation to SMIG for any and all feedback, can make comments in the draft or email Annamarie ( by October 15.

    • Goal is to put it on the wiki because it will be a living, breathing document

    • Setting up OAI using blacklight at the moment because that is the information they have to share. 

    • Margaret is using OAI, but it is configured differently and uses a different service. *thinks* it is the ruby blacklight plugin but not configured the same way

    • Hoping for it to be good enough and go from there

  • Open Discussion

  • Reminders:

    • Samvera Connect 2023 is October 23-26 in Philadelphia. Not too late to register! On the end of the day on Tuesday there will be time for break out sessions which will allow some further discussions as they arise

    • Consequently, there will be no October SMIG meeting.