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Another change is a requirement to allow list hosts that the rails server will respond to.  Avalon by default will allow the host set in the `` setting as well as any set in the RAILS_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS environment variable.  The docker-compose config (both the development environment in avalon and the avalon-docker environment) allows the avalon host which docker creates for its internal network.  If you connect to your avalon instance using a different hostname then these, you will probably need to set RAILS_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS environment variable or make changes to config/initializers/default_host.rb.  See for more details.


Blacklight 7 changes include the upgrade of bootstrap to 4, changes to search builders, and switching the /catalog json endpoints to return standard JSON-API.  If you have customized the CatalogController, any of the search builders, or any of the catalog views, you may need to make changes to ensure compatibility.  See the Blacklight 7 release notes for more details: