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The following instructions for setting Access Control and granting Special Access refer specifically to published items. Unpublished items, regardless of their access levels, are viewable only by collection members. Leave items unpublished if their details (metadata, structure, access control, etc.) are not yet finalized.

Access Control Levels

Access to specific items is set manually when items are created.

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When an item is created, its access controls settings will default to whatever is set at the collection level.

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  • Available to the general public: anyone can view this item, even if they are not logged in as a user.
  • Logged in users only: only logged-in users may view this item. The item will also not display in search results to the general public.
  • Collection staff only: only logged-in collection staff may view this item, which includes Managers, Editors, and Depositors.


Each type of special access can also be further controlled by setting a date range for access. This can be useful if access should be limited to a short time span (e.g. a week or a month) or a pre-determined set of dates (e.g. the duration of a semester or an eight-week course). Leaving these fields empty will set access control to be open-ended.