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enter pass: 175760

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty

Community Notes


  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Collin Brittle (Emory University)

  • Chris Colvard (Indiana University)

  • Rebecca Pattillo (University of Louisville)

  • Amanda Hurford (PALNI)

  • Yuji Shinozaki (U.Va)



  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - Julie Hardesty

    • Current work cycle Project Board - Hyrax Maintenance WG - July-December 2021 · samvera/hyrax

      • Work slowing down without Hyrax Tech Lead; 1 developer so issues still being worked on but slower pace; focusing on testing and documentation updates; also trying out asking for code contributions on issues where institutions have reported working on a fix locally - seeing how this works to incorporate a PR without a Tech Lead

      • 3 more sprints for this work cycle (July-December 2021)

  • Topics and Projects

    • Hyrax on Wings (Valkyrie)

      • Issues being worked on for Val MVP ( , also using label “wings”)

      • Developing a deployable instance called nurax-pg on samvera-labs ( )

      • HMWG and others will test using Hyrax Release Test Script when instance is deployed and running (DCE is hosting this instance)

      • This work is to establish a Hyrax codebase that can fully function with a backend that is not using ActiveFedora and doesn’t rely on Fedora 4

      • There is a Fedora 6 adaptor:

      • What nurax-pg will test is Hyrax running with Postgres but once that is working, it should be a one-line configuration change to test nurax-pg running with Fedora 6 (will also need a Fedora 6 instance to point to but we can discuss possibility with DCE)

      • Lynette Rayle and tamsin johnson are main folks doing this work now but definitely interested in help from others if that is possible

      • Hoping to have nurax-pg instance ready for testing soon (DCE is working on this deploy right now)

    • 2022 Samvera Technology Maintenance Hours Pledge Drive

      • Pledge hours are for any Samvera technology and not just Hyrax (Hyku, core components, Avalon)

      • Can specify if there is something of particular interest for working on with pledged hours

      • Hyrax work will incorporate pledged hours into planning

        • Sticking with sprint schedule (2 weeks on and 2 weeks off)

        • Not sure yet if this means there will be a call for HMWG members separate from pledge drive

      • Also looking for list of folks that can be consulted for code components (searching/indexing, admin dashboard, branding, faceting, etc) so there are options for code review/PR merging that can take some of the load off of a Hyrax Tech Lead person

        • Also not sure if there will be a Hyrax Tech Lead soon or not

    • Hyku News

      • Hyku 3.0.2 in the works

      • Still running on Hyrax 2.x (pretty sure)

      • Hyku 4.0 also in the works (likely to use Hyrax 3.0?)

  • Questions?

  • Reminders: Samvera Connect, October 18-22 and Samvera Developers Congress, November 8-12

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, November 10, 11:30am Eastern