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  • Populate the Progress spreadsheet with a date for mass change, using the recent branch change of hyrax as an example to help curb analysis paralysis. 

  • Members of the Branch Renaming Group will self-assign repositories from the sheet and execute the change process detailed below.

  • Working with the Samvera Community Manager:

    • Share the change timeline with the Samvera Community mailing lists one week before the changes will take place.

    • Include a “what does this mean for me?” section in the email (including steps for removing local references to “master”).

  • Report updates on the Samvera Tech call and in the #dev channel on the Samvera Slack after they have been completed.

Change Process:

  1. Contact the PO if one is identified in the README, to let them know that a change is coming.

  2. Change the branch name of the repository on GitHub.

  3. Add a CircleCI test to fail if a branch named “master” is present in the remote.

  4. Add in an issue to audit the repository for legacy mentions of master (example).